How to get started in Cyber Security?

How to get started in Cyber Security?

Train and Get Globally Recognized Certifications!

Preliminary start in this industry can be through started training in Information Security and getting an industry recognized certification!

CISSP can be a good start!

CISSP Workshop – Global Digital Security!

If technical aspects and ethical hacking interest you then CEH is a good start . Lot of software developers, networking professionals and also quality assurance professionals consider CEH as an extension existing credentials
CEH V11 – Global Digital Security!

Another mechanism is to understand trends and most in demand skills in the industry and tap on to those opportunities before it attains saturation. Cloud Security can serve that purpose
Certified Cloud Security Engineer Version 1 – Global Digital Security!

New individuals usually do not have Forensic capabilities right-off the bat and forensic certification such as CHFI can serve the purpose

CHFI V10 – Global Digital Security

Build Projects!

Understand the security needs of the customer! Start with small projects, anything that can create value to you and customers!
One example is Docker forensics and Incident Response, where the goal has been to deliver novel solution, market it and enable individuals to utilize it!

GitHub – tej7gandhi/Docker-Forensics-and-Incident-Response: Docker Forensics and Incident Response is a tool that enables to collect forensic artifacts from containerized environment.

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