Windows Registry Rodeo: Demystifying its applicability in Incident Response

Windows Registry Rodeo: Demystifying its applicability in Incident Response

Today, we embark on a journey through the tangled web of software, system, SAM, and security registry keys, exploring their quirks and pitfalls in incident response! There are other registry keys as well.

Where should you look for the registry keys?

System Drive\Windows\System32\Config

Software Registry Key: Hide and Seek for Programs

A virtual playground for programs of all shapes and sizes. Here, amidst a sea of cryptic subkeys and baffling values, lurks a treasure trove of gold for the incident responder.

The System Registry Key: Where Exploration Meets Configuration

We have the system registry key – Configuration settings and system secrets. But beware, one wrong move, and you could find yourself face-to-face with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Who knew that a misplaced comma or a typo in a registry value could wreak such havoc?

The SAM Registry Key: Where Security Takes Center Stage

SAM registry key, home to all things security-related in the Windows universe. Here, amidst puzzle of access control lists and encrypted passwords, lies a wealth of potential just waiting to be unleashed.

The Security Registry Key: Where Paranoia Prevail

A minefield of permission and privileges

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