Penetration Testing Puns: Harnessing PowerShell’s Power

Penetration Testing Puns: Harnessing PowerShell’s Power

Why use PowerShell? It’s not just a tool; it’s a digital Swiss Army knife!

Features: PowerShell offers an intuitive scripting environment with user-friendly cmdlets and commands.

Cmdlets and Command:

Forget complicated commands. PowerShell, we’ve got “cmdlets” – commands that are as easy to remember as your favorite TV Show.

Need a new local user account? Just type New-LocalUser.

New-LocalUser -Name TestUser -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString "P@ssw0rd" -AsPlainText -Force)

You want to do some network reconnaissance!

netsh wlan show networks mode=Bssid

Say hello to wget!

PowerShell’s wget alias for the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet facilitates seamless file transfer between systems, allowing testers to retrieve and trasfer data during penetration tests.

wget -OutFile payload.exe

Delve into the murky depths of the Windows registry! (Yes same one when you click on Start–>Registry Editor)

PowerShell enables testers to manipulate Windows registry entries on target systems!

Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run' -Name 'MaliciousApp' -Value 'C:\MaliciousApp.exe'

Powersploit and PowerShell Empire:

These bad boys are like the Batman and Robin of the hacking world – only instead of fighting crime, they’re busy infiltrating networks and causing digital chaos. From privilege escalation to lateral movement, these tools have got you covered.

Want to try everything out!

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