Unveiling the Wacky World of NTFS File System!

Unveiling the Wacky World of NTFS File System!

Under the hood, NTFS is one of the File System is what your Windows Operating System utilizes. There are certain components that your operating system maintains to perform its administrative duties, however serves as a great resource for Digital Forensics Investigator!

Some components of NTFS File System:

MFT: The Brainiac Behind NTFS

Ah, the MFT (Master File Table) – the Sherlock Holmes of the file system world, meticulously cataloging every file and directory with the precision of a seasoned detective. It’s like the ultimate librarian, armed with a cataloging system.

$Log file: Where Change Happens!

This little logbook doesn’t just record changes; it narrates them with all the flair of a Shakespearean drama. It dutifully chronicles every file creation, modification, and deletion. And just like any good drama, if there is a twist – or in this case, a system crash. The $Log is there to pick up the pieces and restore order to the digital chaos.

$USN: Knack for Detective Work!

The silent observer lurking in the shadows, quietly keeping track of every change. It’s like the secret agent of the file system world, similar to $Logfile gathering intel on file creations, attribute modifications.

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