Windows CSI Episode 2: Jump Lists: The Secret Life of Your Taskbar’s Memory Lane

Windows CSI Episode 2: Jump Lists: The Secret Life of Your Taskbar’s Memory Lane

Today, we are utilizing our forensic eyes and diving into the depths of another forensic artifact “Jumplist”.

Well, dear reader, imagine if your computer could keep a diary—a diary filled with every file you’ve ever opened, every program you’ve ever run. Jumplist are similar to that. These little nuggets of digital gold are like breadcrumbs left behind, leading us straight to the heart of our digital mysteries. They’re the footprints in the digital sand giving us the trails.

They appear when you right-click an icon on the taskbar or Start menu, showing a list of recently opened files or frequently accessed tasks associated with that particular program. Jump lists provide quick access to recent documents or common tasks associated with an application, making it easier for users to navigate and access their files or perform specific actions.

Imagine you’re investigating a case of corporate espionage. Your suspect claims they were nowhere near the company server when sensitive files were accessed. But lo and behold, what’s this? A jump list reveals that not only were they present, but they also had a suspiciously cozy relationship with said files, opening them multiple times under the cover of darkness (or during lunch breaks, whichever is more incriminating).

Tell me their location?
Their location are as follow:

For Windows 7:
Jump lists are stored in the following location:


For Windows 8 and later:

Jump lists are stored in a different location:


So, dear readers, the next time you find yourself knee-deep in the tangled web of digital forensics, remember the humble Jump List – for within its seemingly mundane entries lies the key to unlocking mysteries you never knew existed!

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