Security and Usability together! Make your Logins smoother!

We all have numerous passwords, which we require to protect!

There is a mechanism to make this process simpler, password managers can do it for us!

One application for this will be Keepass! You just got to remember your master password rest all Keepass will do it for you!

We can help you with all your Cyber Security needs , post breach Incident Response and Forensics and train individuals and employees in Cyber Security!

We offer more in depth courses in Ethical Hacking such as CEH, CISSP,CHFI!

Figure 1: KeePass application
Download Keepas!

Run through the Setup:


Figure 4: Running Through The Setup!

Figure 5: Run through the Setup!

Figure 6: Enter a strong Master Password it is the password to your safe!

Create a database:

 Figure 7: Database will store all your passwords!

Figure 8: Start Saving the URL ;Username and Password to the database!

Enter the User name and Password:

 Figure 9: Enter User name ,password , URL and Title

When you want to auto login, open the URL and enter the user name and password:

Figure 10: Open the URL for Auto Login

Perform AutoType to Enter the User Name and Password:

We do Security Consulting to train all your end users on Cyber Security and also provide individual training!

We also do Post Breach Response at Global Cyber Security and help organizations with Cyber Security needs!

We provide training for CEH and CHFI certification as well!

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