Certified Cloud Security Engineer

Certified Cloud Security Engineer

With the increasing complexity of cyberattacks, a reactive approach alone is insufficient. Dealing with the aftermath of a cloud security breach can be daunting, and organizations need to stay ahead of attacks to remain protected. A single incident can have far-reaching consequences, necessitating the presence of experts with in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure and associated challenges. The C|CSE curriculum was crafted to address the challenges organizations face in ensuring cloud security and enabling candidates to become job ready.

What you will Learn?

  1. Introduction to Cloud Security
  2. Platform and Infrastructure Security in Cloud
  3. Application Security in Cloud
  4. Data Security in Cloud
  5. Security Operations in Cloud
  6. Penetration Testing in Cloud
  7. Incident Response in Cloud
  8. Forensic Investigation in Cloud
  9. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Cloud
  10. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance in Cloud
  11. Standards, Policies, and Legal Issues in Cloud

Fees: $3000(Courseware +Labs+ Class+ Exam)

Duration:39 hrs

Placement Assistance Available : Optional

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